The Walnut Creek Fireplace Story

Walnut Creek Fireplace was born as a complement to our 25-year fireplace remodeling business Stone Vision, Inc. We had created beautiful mantels, mantel surrounds and much more and had completed projects all over the country, including Hawaii, Florida, and throughout California. But clients wanted to remodel their fireplaces AND install efficient gas fireplaces, which we could not provide at the time.

So in 2015, we decided to merge our expertise in fireplace remodeling with a growing (and Earth-friendly) fireplace industry: EPA-approved gas fireplace and insert sales and installation. And thus, Walnut Creek Fireplace emerged!

Since 2015, we have had the privilege of providing efficient heat and beautiful fireplaces and fireplace remodeling for well over 1,000 clients in the East Bay Area. We are honored to have many repeat clients already who want to transform their second or third fireplace and are grateful for all of the word-of-mouth and Yelp!, Google and Houzz recommendations we have received.

We truly love serving our community and hope that our work (and our recommendations) are a testament to that.

People ask us all the time how we got into the fireplace business.

For Damon, it was an easy addition to what he was already doing with Stone Vision.

For Jaime (who has a background in journalism and holistic health), the reasons are a little more personal. When we sit down and turn on our own fireplace at the end of our very busy day (having 5 kiddos between us and a business to run), we reflect on what a truly blessed business we have. We get to provide warmth, community and connection into the homes of our “neighbors”.

When a fire is on, people are instantly gravitated to it.

Our kids sit together and warm their toes. Our dog sits in front of it in the cold of the morning. And we nestle around it when our friends and loved ones are over.

Walnut Creek Fireplace Family

The room where a fireplace dwells–and is used–becomes The Gathering Place for any home. And we sure appreciate that time to be together; to live, laugh and share life with one another. That’s why we do what we do and it’s why we absolutely LOVE what we do every single day. We have the privilege of creating those special gathering places and spaces for others in their homes too. What an honor!

But although we love what we do, we also love to spend time with our sweet kiddos and our furry and feathered family. Walnut Creek Fireplace is closed every Sunday because we believe that Sunday should always be family day.

We hope we have the opportunity to work with all of you to create the fireplace of your dreams and the gathering place of your hearts.

Damon & Jaime Mathews

Elite Dealer Logo Platinum

Walnut Creek Fireplace is an authorized Regency Platinum Elite Dealer.
We have been trained on all aspects of the Regency fireplace product line AND we rank among the top 5% Regency dealers in the country!