Annual Fireplace Maintenance Service

Walnut Creek Fireplace offers an annual maintenance service ONLY for Regency gas fireplaces and gas inserts, originally purchased from Walnut Creek Fireplace.

Annual maintenance is vital in providing continuous comfort to your home and ensuring that your fireplace is operating at peak efficiency.

Walnut Creek Fireplace’s maintenance service is conducted by a licensed gas service technician. It includes inspecting, testing and cleaning as per the Regency manufacturer recommendations and the items listed below.

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Regency Fireplace Maintenance Service

Regency Gas Insert Service: $199

Regency Fireplace Maintenance Service

Regency Gas Fireplace Service: $199

Regency Fireplace Maintenance Service

Regency City Series Gas Fireplace Service: $299

Fireplace Maintenance Service includes:


  • Glass
  • Interior bricks / panels
  • Burner ports & burner air shutter
  • Log set

Visually Inspect

  • Fan blades
  • Pilot orifices
  • Pilot hood (change as needed)
  • Flame sensor (electronic ignition models)
  • Flame electrode
  • Burner orifice
  • Thermocouple (millivolt models)
  • Thermopile (millivolt models)


  • Pilot assembly
  • Burner
  • Pressure relief gaskets/doors
  • Flue connector gasket, if present
  • Door seal
  • Firebox
  • Venting
  • Batteries (remote handheld, remote receiver, DC sparker, change as needed)
  • Burner media (change as needed)
  • Air shutter setting
  • Wiring


  • Voltage on thermocouple/thermopile (millivolt models)
  • Ohms reading on flame sense (electronic ignition models)
  • Inlet/outlet fuel pressures as per rating plate
  • Voltage/ohms readings on gas valve
  • Ohms reading to on/off switch circuit (millivolt models)

Gas Leak Tests

  • Check main gas line connection to valve
  • Check shut off valve connections
  • Check connection at gas valve outlet
  • Check connection at main burner orifice
  • Check pilot fuel line at valve and at pilot assembly

More frequent checks may be required if you notice any changes in how it operates such as: extended start up time, increased fan noise, residue/carbon build up, white build up on the glass/firebox, increased operating noise, etc.